About Us

Construction and Maintenance


 We have experience with and own the equipment to perform: 


  • Underwater Welding / Burning
  • Drilling (including Core Samples)
  • Formwork and Concrete / Grout work
  • Sediment Removal and Jetting
  • Bulkhead and Pipe Plug installations 
  • Pipeline and Valve Repairs
  • Sluice Gate and Stem Repairs
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Salvage

Underwater Documentation

Despite challenging conditions and poor visibility, underwater digital photos and/or digital video are often available. Our helmet mounted cameras allow the client to get a live, first-hand look at what the diver sees.  Stop  the guesswork and document your project with photos and hard data in a  formal report prepared by a Licensed Professional Engineer Diver.

We  look forward to developing long term working relationships with our  Clients by helping them solve their problems and earning their business  one dive at a time