What We Do

Integrity  Aquatic specializes in Underwater Construction, Maintenance and  Inspections.  The company is owned by a Licensed Professional Engineer  who has been diving for over 28 years and is Commercially Certified as a  Surface Supplied Air Diver. He is not just an Inspection Diver, he is a  Working Diver with firsthand knowledge of how structures are  constructed. 

We  are located in northeast Ohio.  However, our dive crew has constructed  and performed inspections of Dams, Locks, Bridges, Piers, Pipelines,  Intakes, Outfalls, Confined Space Tunnels, Water Towers, Submerged Power  Cables and Treatment Plants throughout the United States.

 We are one of only a few companies in the  country with the proper equipment and experience to safely put a crew of  divers working 1,500 feet inside a flooded pipe. We own two 1,500-foot  long continuous (one piece) umbilicals equipped with live audio and  video. This allows our Clients to see exactly what the divers see and  communicate directly with them while in the pipe.